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EDDL 5151 Week 3 Activity 3: Project Plan Template

EDDL 5151 Week 3 Activity 3: Project Plan Template

Project Plan Template
Were you able to estimate values for the template?

Yes.  As this course is a collaborative blended approach, there would be occasions where the Careers teacher is leading and so staff would be able to utilize the times. By distributing the tasks amongst all DC staff, this would easily be completed by the start of summer. If staff were to get paid over the summer to do this, I would not know, without asking, how much the budget for this may be.

How do you think developing a project plan would impact a project at your school or institution?

Due to the nature of our course and an increasing presence of us being in the physical classroom, a project plan (agreed by all members of the team) would offer a stable and constant reference when we are unable to see each face to face. By completing this collaboratively during a staff meeting, all staff would take ownership of the project and hopefully have their ideas, preferences and needs addressed and thus increase productivity.

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