EDDL 5131 Week 10 and 11 Activity 3, 4 and 5

Creating and Editing Video

  1. I used my Samsung smartphone to film a short 30-second video.
  2. To get it on my blog I had to take the following steps:
    1. Shared it to my G Drive
    2. Uploaded it to Youtube.
    3. Copied the embed link and added it to my blog using the HTML tab

The affordances of this video  (Hansch et al, 2015) is:

  • Building Rapport

The Video Production Styles is:

  • Live Video


Learning Objective: To be able to correctly publish and hyperlink my work

The affordances of this video  (Hansch et al, 2015) is:

  • Demonstrations

The Video Production Styles is:

  • Screencast



Editing a Video


I used my cell phone to record the footage (note to self make sure it is landscape next time) and imported these to Camtasia.

After adding the 2 videos, I split them and deleted sections that I did not want and added a title video of a title at the beginning and fades to link the sections.

Editing a video is relatively easy once you have had a play- it is just annoying that I had my phone the wrong way as portrait does not work well.



Hansch, A., Newman, C., Hillers, L., Shildhauer, T., McConachie, K., & Schmidt, P. (2015). Video and online learning : Critical reflections and findings from the field. Retrieved from

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  1. Hi Sarah, I did not know where to access your first ‘live action’ video..?
    Your Screencast was very effective and it was clear what you want the viewed to know after watching. You spoke clearly and the timing was good. The ‘Edited’ video was also done well. The transitions were smooth and it did not take away from the quality or experience in watching it.


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