EDDL 5131 Week 12 Activity 4

Interactive Video

LO: I can analyze evidence from different perspectives and explore a variety of sources to help me explore how A.I may affect my future Career Exploration.

This lesson would be used as a hook at the start of the lesson to engage students and get them to consider their current views surrounding A.I. Additional sources will be provided (such as interactive websites that show % chance of jobs being replaced by A.I) throughout and at the end of the lesson students present their ideas on whether or not A.I will affect their decision to explore/pursue a particular career.

<iframe src=”https://h5p.org/h5p/embed/764380″ width=”1090″ height=”712″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe><script src=”https://h5p.org/sites/all/modules/h5p/library/js/h5p-resizer.js” charset=”UTF-8″></script>


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