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EDDL 5141 Week 2 Activity 1

EDDL 5141 Week 2 Activity 1

Online Versus Face-to-Face Teaching:

I teach a blended course and spend 70% of my time face-to-face teaching in the classroom and the remaining 30% teaching online. For me, the biggest difference is how much slower it can be to assess progress has occurred or that a student has understood something. With face-to-face teaching I can see this by making eye contact, asking a question, looking at work etc however with online you are reliant on the students following your prompts. For example, I will ask a student a question in Blackboard and it could take them 30 mins to respond. One thing that helps for me is that I also use Lifesize so I can see the students in class. If they have taken too long to respond I can talk to the whole class and will get students to come to the big screen to discuss things etc.


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