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EDDL 5131 Week 7 Activity 2

EDDL 5131 Week 7 Activity 2

Student Media Project

Learning outcomes measured by the assignment

  • Research, create and evaluate a suitable prototype using digital tools.

Short, descriptive title

  • Business Cards

A plain-language purpose for the assignment

  • Develop brand awareness and networking confidence to self promote.

A narrative description of the deliverable(s) that includes two or three of the criteria items (that would be used in an assessment rubric)

  • Positive First Impression
  • Engagingly application of digital tool
  • Critical evaluation
  • Professional

A short description of the process(es) and/or steps that students will take in producing their media

  1. Discussion of prior knowledge
  2. Critical evaluation of existing business cards
  3. Creating own QR code (help assess digital literacy)
  4. Model example of an effective card (using success criteria)
  5. Students make prototype
  6. Peer Critical Feedback
  7. Critical Evaluation

Team or individual responsibility for the project (or for specific steps of the project)

Individual with peer discussions and feedback throughout the lesson.

A timescale for the project

1 2.5 hour block.

Rubric (hyperlinked)




  1. Hi Sarah,
    This project looks like it has the makings of a challenging and engaging assignment for your students. What age group/level are you designing it for?
    I understand the criteria for this post was vague and doesn’t require a lot of detail; however, I would like to know more about the purpose of your assignment. Perhaps I am just not familiar with the subject matter you teach, but I am not able to form an idea in my head of what this assignment will look like on completion, and what it’s purpose is. Can you provide an example of a “Sustainable Prototype” which your students will be researching, creating and evaluating?

    1. So in essence students research and explore business cards, create a QR code for their e-portfolio (G-site) and then use Canva to make their own prototype of a business card. We call it a prototype as that is the wording in the syllabus as well as the emphasis on it being a draft design. It allows us to speed up the process and grade the thought process, use of digital tools and critical reflection.In the past students obsessed over a perfect creation and it took took long; this new language helps them understand that design is a process that needs editing and refinement.

  2. Great project Sarah. As Kirsteen mentioned, it seems like it is going to be very engaging for the students. I am unable to look at the rubric, are you able to change the sharing setting to anyone with link can view? What type of software do you plan for your students to use?

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