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EDDL 5101 Week 3 Activity 1: Create Your Own Checklist

EDDL 5101 Week 3 Activity 1: Create Your Own Checklist


After reading the literature for this week, I created the following short 5 point checklist to help me evaluate the suitability of new digital tools for the course I am currently teaching (Careers and Digital Communications 11)


Does the digital tool allow students to…

  • Save/import or embed their work?
  • Develop transferable skills?
  • Engage in authentic, real-world learning?
  • Manage their own account?
  • Collaborate/Network with others?

There were so many potential questions that I could have asked that it was quite overwhelming. With with so many apps, digital tools and websites available, I needed to condense this down to something that both staff and students would feasibly be able to manage and therefore actually use.

The first 3 points are the most important criteria to consider as the course places a lot of emphasis on preparing students for ‘the real world’ and creating authentic learning opportunities. From a time management point of view and to develop independence, students need to be able to set up and manage their own accounts. Finally, although not a ‘must have’, being able to offer students collaboration and networking opportunities would really support the focus of the course and prepare students for  the reality and expectation of working in ‘the real world’.

I am planning on displaying this checklist in Google Classroom and tasking students to review the digital tools they use and find. This will enable them to make more informed choices and use digital tools that will support/enrich their learning and experiences further,


  1. Lisa Chapieski

    I agree that it is overwhelming to find an all encompassing checklist. The SECTIONS model did cover the basics, but depending on the class there could be additional requirements.

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