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EDDL 5101 Assignment #1

EDDL 5101 Assignment #1

Problem Identification


For this assignment, I identified the issue that students wanted more experience with financial literacy and opportunities to apply these skills in real-life contexts. To help me explore how I can use digital tools to support this, l
used The University of British Columbia’s draft planning tool (University of British Columbia,
2012) which helps access the SECTIONS model.

The assignment outlines what I wanted students to learn, reflections on how I might facilitate this as well as possible learning activities. By using digital tools to correct this identified problem,  I not only hope to develop student’s
confidence in managing their finances safely but also allow them to apply these skills in real-life, authentic contexts that can be personalized to their own career paths and budgets.


Cook_Sarah_EDDL5101_ A2.docx


  1. Lisa Chapieski

    As a fellow career education teacher I strongly value teaching financial literacy. There are so many different resources that teachers in an online environment. Another fun one for students is the online stock market simulation!

    1. We have dabbled in it- buying a car, renting, post secondary budget but the lesson are so dry! I have stumbled upon some really good websites, videos and apps and looking forward to giving this unit a makeover! I did a virtual food shop the other and a strict budget- amazing how many didn’t realise how much a block of cheese actually costs!!!

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