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EDDL 5101 Week 10 Activity 3

EDDL 5101 Week 10 Activity 3

Sharing and Exploring Blueprints,

As I was using Google Sites to host my lesson it made the layout and features more restricted and so I chose to use the course blueprint from Penn State so that I was concentrating more on CONTENT and not visuals.

Here is my assignment 4 blueprint template


Penn State. (2016). Course blueprint and audit template . Retrieved from http://facdev.e-education.psu.edu/plan/audit



  1. Thank you for sharing! I love your project as it teaches budgeting using real life and current application like gas buddy and the BC transit fare webpage. You also thought of many categories to include such as daily and weekly expenses. As another step, do you plan to include what the student chooses for employment so they can compare their earnings to spending as well?

  2. Hi. Thanks for the feedback. This is an introductory lesson and as the unit progresses students create 2 personalized budgets. One is based on them straight out of high school (whatever their career path looks like- i.e, College, living at home, straight to work, only working 15 hours, gap year etc) and the second is a ‘Career Plan’ budget (average salary). As we would have created a life map, they will have some idea of what they might like their life to look like (family, cars, holidays etc) and so this is a bit more creative and hypothetical but gets them to compare living expenses and help them decide whether their career path suits their needs. For some, it may sway them to attend College or look for alternative jobs etc.

  3. What a valuable and practical unit! I love that you take them right through the process of actually “shopping” online so they find out whether their plans are realistic. There’s so much potential in our new Careers courses. I’m excited to see what direction different districts and schools settle into once we get a few years into it.

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