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Final Reflection

I have enjoyed exploring different theories and using tools (such as the SECTIONS analysis) to help me evaluate and think about the tools that will be most beneficial. Additionally I have found the A.D.D.I.E model useful in helping me revamp my current course and make it much more accessible and user friendly. The tips to help support an indigenized curriculum as well as inclusive practices are now pinned to my wall in my office as a great reminder too. The course has helped me to personalise the lessons to reflect my own philosophy of teaching which has made the course much more enjoyable to teach.

What started off as tweaking a few lessons for the sake of this assignment has turned into me completely revamping and formatting the course by using Google Sites to host the cost and Google Classroom for students to submit their work. Already in the early implementation stage he evaluation has been most positive and I look forward to completing this and sharing with colleagues for the start of semester 2!




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