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EDDL 511 Week 4 Activity 4

EDDL 511 Week 4 Activity 4

Possible needs for oer in my teaching

99.9% of the resources I use are created by myself and differentiated. However, merely due to time management would be useful in my course to help support International Students.  Videos that have captions and transcripts in English as well as possibly in the student’s first language also would help students engage and develop confidence in accessing the course when English is an additional language.

A lot of videos are available in OER however not all have transcripts or captions; if time allowed I would be able to transcript this myself however to develop student’s English and/or communication skills, this is a collaborative activity that I can get students to create as part of their learning.

I have contributed a lot of digital resources in the past and always for free. What has put me off sharing is the new trend of ‘paid for’ resources that teachers share. I am happy to share, for free, as long as I am given credit for the resource (as in the case of OER) but not for someone to take my work and financially profit from it (as has happened in the past.)

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